Remove Scars with PicoSure™ Laser

Do you have acne or surgical scars that you wish weren’t there? With PicoSure laser scar removal you don’t have to deal with embarrassing scars anymore. Laser scar treatments are noninvasive and are designed to reduce the appearance of scars to reveal smoother skin.

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How Does Laser Scar Removal Work?

The PicoSure laser uses short pulses of micro-fine laser light to reach deep below the surface of the skin to target problem areas. This produces a natural healing response from the body’s immune system to make new skin cells to replace older scar tissues. As new skin cells form, your scar will naturally fade away to reveal clearer, healthier skin. PicoSure laser scar treatments are fast, safe for most skin types, and remove scars without harming the surrounding area.

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Before & After PicoSure Scar Removal

What to Expect During PicoSure Scar Removal

Dependent upon the patient, multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the best results. While scar reduction is not typically considered painful, a cooling cream can be applied before treatment to reduce any discomfort that may be felt. Laser acne and surgical scar treatments have few side effects, which usually include temporary redness and swelling. Patients are typically able to resume their normal routines following treatment, no downtime required.


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